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Gold Max Pink

When taken just 45 minutes before sex, it can improve arousal,
genital sensitivity, lubrication and can even help to intensify climax.
Enhances libido – to get you in the mood
Quick arousal – so there’s no hanging around
Made with wolfberry and ginseng
Improves lubrication
Intensifies orgasm
Delivers benefits in 45 minutes.


Gold Max Pink | x10

$34.99 $29.95

Gold Max Pink | x20

$56.95 $49.95

Gold Max Pink | x30

$75.95 $67.95

Gold Max Couple Pack

$59.90 $48.95

Gold Max Blue

Natural ingredients packed inside quick release capsules to give maximum customer satisfaction. The combination of the advanced complex formula and consistent results, will be sure to make your customers come back again & again!


Gold Max Blue | x10

$34.95 $29.95

Gold Max Blue | x20

$54.95 $48.95

Gold Max Blue | x30

$75.95 $66.95

 GMax Couple Pack

$59.90 $47.95

Horny Little Devil

Horny Little Devil is a natural supplement that helps a man achieve a strong erection in 20-40 minutes. Horny Little Devil is designed for a more fun/playful/wild party experience.
The specially formulated ingredients are contained in a fast digesting capsule that promotes rapid absorption into the blood stream, giving quicker, longer lasting results up to 12 hours!.


Horny Little Devil | x5

$24.95 $18.95

Horny Little Devil | x10

$34.95 $28.95

Horny Little Devil | x20

$56.95 $47.95

VXL - Instant

V-XL INSTANT is absorbed rapidly, directly into the bloodstream by placing 1 piece directly under the tongue, allowing the effect to take place within 5-10 minutes!
This is perfect for those who want results NOW. With a great Pineapple flavour, it is also an enjoyable alternative for those who find swallowing a capsule difficult.


VXL - Instant | x10

$69.95 $57.95

VXL - Instant | x20

$129 $116

Vxl -Instant | x30

$177 $154

Man Plus #1 Rated

MAN PLUS is a safe and Natural Approach to treating erectile dysfunction. MAN PLUS is made from clinically proven herbal extracts. The unique formula is a combination of time-tested herbals, vitamins and minerals that have been in use since Ancient times and are well known for their restorative and healing properties.
As you know, standard treatments for Erectile Dysfunction include pharmaceutical medications, pumps, implants and surgery. But many men today are seeking NATURAL options. Scientific research has found that some natural options are extremely effective at improving symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


MAN PLUS | x20

24.95 12.95

MAN PLUS | x40

44.95 $19.95

Love Affair

Because libido and sexual response can decline as a result of life-style, stress, eating habits and age, many women seek healthy, non medication ways of optimising and restoring their libido.
Love Affair has been designed with its complex formula of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs, to do exactly that! Vegan registered, Love Affair, when taken daily, will help to provide the support that women need to have a full and satisfying sex-life!


Love Affair | x20

24.94 $12.95



Gold Max Blue 30

How about a natural male supplement that can support performance when taken before sex?

Gold Max Pink 30

 For women is a revolutionary herbal blend, packing the punch of a whole host of nutrients to support sexual desire and vitality.

Horny Little Devil 20

maximum strength red capsule make successful men more successful in the bed! Improve erection time, keep longer erection.